About Us

Missions to Cuba is a limited liability company.

Our Mission  : Serve ~ Share ~ Experience

To create meaningful experience for our clients with programs such as  Culture & Social experience, Ministry & Service, Art & Architecture,  History, Sports,  Choir, People to People and Educational.

Our Value:  Commitment ~ Integrity ~ Humility

Team with 25 years experience in travel and mission industry brings to you an amazing experience with  crafted respective programs. For those of you who are taking the journey with us, we congratulate you and assure you of our upmost commitment in making your journey …..A trip to remember !



Mission House:  Havana- Cuba

The mission House can accommodate upto 110 people.

Rooms:  All of the rooms has AC, clean beds and closets. There is water pressure and water heaters in the bathrooms, and they are kept clean all the time.

Meals:  Our three cooks are professionals and very well experienced. We provide boiled water. The meals are prepared with fresh ingredients, no seasoning powder. We serve Cuban food, and coffee is available all day long. Dishes are clean.

Kitchen : The tables are made out of precious wood. Kitchen is clean always, even under function. The dining rooms have AC. It is very convenient since Cuba is summer all of the time. The missionaries come from work and recover strength to go back to the mission field.

Security is very important for us. We have a group of very well experienced guards, all of the gates are secured, we have alarm and security cameras in common areas as well as in the exteriors.

Staff: The  staff is formed by 60 labor among pastors, teachers, sport coaches, translators, administrative team.

Transportation is provided all of the time, transfers from and to the airport, the mission field, all tours and for emergency situations.

Medical insurance.  All missionaries get medical insurance upon purchasing the plane ticket to travel to Cuba. This is a special type of insurance and the only one that works for Cuba. There are several hospitals and medical clinics to treat visitors in case of emergencies

The ministry has a strong presence in the city of La Habana. It is expanded in several other cities such as Las Tunas, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa (Gtmo).

Several projects can be organize within the ministry, men and women´s conferences, Leadership Training for house church leaders and pastors, youth program, children´s ministry, Sport ministry, medical mission, humanitarian projects, among others.    

Brief outline on Pastor Eduardo Otero.

Born in October, 24, 1967, in Baracoa, Guantánamo, Cuba. Became full time lay minister in 1990 leading the Baptist Church of Paso de Cuba, Baracoa.  1991- 1994 Theology Studies. Eastern Baptist      1994. Full time pastor in Alamar, La Habana, Cuba. 1994- 1997 Theology Studies. Theological Evangelical Seminary of Matanzas. License in Theology. 1999- 2003 Theological Studies. Master in Theology. ESM, Matanzas. Cuba. Certificate in Mission. Extension course from Luther Rice Baptist Seminary. Atlanta, Ga. USA 2010. Master in Emigration Law. Superior Institute of Economy and Law. Madrid, Spain.

2011. President of Non Profit Campo Amor Foundation. Spanish International Humanitarian organization, based in Madrid.He has been working as a house church pastor in Alamar, La Habana since 1994. The ministry if formed now by 98 house churches spread throughout the Island. Our main purpose is to continue to be an evangelistic ministry, witnessing to the people on the streets, as we try also to do some humanitarian work.  Mayor support provided by the mission teams that come from several cities from USA to evangelize alongside us.      

The effort in serving others, cannot be measured, it can only be experienced !That experience cannot be explained , it can only be felt & rejoiced !

~ Bon Voyage~